Oral Hygiene and Health Checks

 We offer to all our patients oral health check-ups and dental hygiene appointments.

The oral health check-up is the first diagnostic tool the dentist has to assess a patient’s overall oral health. Dr Valdemir dos Santos will look at the health of your teeth, the tissues inside your mouth and perform an extra oral examination.

From this visit we can then have a broad picture of the needs of the patient and any treatment required is explained and proposed after an extensive examination was achieved.

We usually recommend oral health check-ups every 6 months. Some patients are at higher risk of decay in which case we might suggest them to return every 3 months until their mouth is healthier. In some cases, patients with healthier teeth and gums may only need come back once a year to see the dentist, however 6 monthly visits for hygiene appointments are the best practice.

We offer an exceptional dental hygiene service to maintain the health of your gums, removing plaque which is the leading cause to gum disease. If left untreated gum disease will develop into periodontitis causing bone loss. Here at Brazilian Smile we will also offer the air-flow stain removal, which routinely is offered to all our patients coming for hygiene appointments.

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